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Current Campaigns

Our latest campaigns outlined below showcase a part of our quest to achieve our vision, "A just society to the child" and our mission "The CRADLE exists to promote and protect the rights of the child especially the girl-child."

Let's Talk about Teen Health & SRHRNEW

Webinar 26th Sept 2022 18:00 to 19:00hrs


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72 Hour CampaignNEW

The 72-hour Campaign seeks to have survivors/victims report sexual abuse cases within 72 hours of the abuse, to the nearest police station or hospital.

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Sexual Abuse Referral Chain



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Current Campaigns

Childs Justice Program

The Child Justice program seeks to enhance access to justice for children in contact with the law (Child Victims of abuse and child offenders)

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Legislative, Governance & Justice Program

Seeking to mainstream children’s rights in the legislative, executive and judicial arms of government.

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Child Rights Advocacy & Campaign

This is a program that seeks to create awareness on Child rights through Advocacy on issues Mental health, Climate Justice, Gender Based Violence, Child Online Protection, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Counter Trafficking in Persons.

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Child Rights Movement

The Child Rights Movement Program contributes towards achieving The CRADLE overall objective by inspiring and catalyzing change-makers and champions and building a social movement for child rights.

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